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The Truth About Diamonds

Just like your love story, no two diamonds are the same. Some are large and foggy, others small, but oh-so clear. Before you invest in one of these stunning, sparkling stones, take some time to understand their unique properties. Before you invest in your perfect diamond, allow us to help you understand their unique properties. You’ll be glad that you did and we’d be delighted to show you!






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Shape Size Cut Color Clarity Polish Symmetry Fluorescence Lab
Heart 1.01 N/A None VS2 Good Very Good None (N) GIA
Heart 1.22 N/A I SI1 Very Good Very Good Medium (M) GIA
Heart 1.70 N/A G SI1 Very Good Good None (N) GIA
Heart 6.05 N/A D VS2 Excellent Excellent Medium (M) GIA
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