How to Sell Your Gold & Diamonds with Meritage Jewelers


Receive 50% More For Your Gold And Diamond Jewelry At Meritage Jewelers


During this uncertain time, we know you’ve been rummaging through your drawers and closets looking for items to purge. By taking the time to go through your jewelry items, you will be able to clear the clutter and you may find a way to make a decent profit in doing so!

If your jewelry box is a cluster of tangled necklaces, unworn antique rings, and heavy gold bangles, then you may be wondering how you can clean out the clutter and sell your gold and diamonds ASAP! Thankfully, Meritage Jewelers in Lutherford, MD wants to buy your gold and diamonds! With gold prices on the rise, your old jewelry box may be storing thousands of dollars’ worth of treasure.

If you are looking for a way to receive 50% more for your gold and diamond jewelry, Meritage Jewelers is looking to buy your pieces now. Here is how you can sell your gold and diamonds today:

1.) Consider What Jewelry Pieces You Want to Sell

We know you are grasping at straws to find projects throughout your house. Take this time to dive through your jewelry collection and decide what items you would like to sell. Whether you dig up old gold coins, or find unused diamond jewelry, Meritage wants to buy your pieces, so take the time to decide what you want to think you could part with. Narrow down your gold and diamond jewelry items that you would like to be evaluated and get ready to ring in the cash!

2.) Find Out How Much Your Jewelry Is Worth

After accumulating your pile of unworn items, the next step in selling your jewelry is to determine how much your piece is actually worth. You can do this through our jewelry appraisal services. We will give you an appraisal while you watch and will let you know the value of each item. We will appraise your jewelry pieces and give you a fair estimate and maybe even a check right on the spot.

3) Get Ready to Sell Your Jewelry

The next step in your jewelry selling experience is to contact Meritage Jewelers to begin the sales process of your gold or diamonds. Start the gold buying process online, schedule your appointment, or initiate the use of our curbside jewelry service. In doing so, you will receive 50% more for your gold and diamonds! We could all use some extra income at this time, so consider the payoff while determining which jewelry items you are going to move forward with selling.

At Meritage Jewelers in Lutherville, MD, we pay the absolute highest prices and have an unmatched reputation for honesty and integrity, especially when it comes to buying gold and diamonds.

We’re here to help you navigate through this uncertain time, and also help you make some cash in doing so. Sell your gold and diamonds today by appointment or our pristine curbside service. Call to make an appointment at (443) 243-2115, or visit us online today.

We look forward to helping you during this time. Stay safe & healthy!



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