What does Meritage mean?

What Does Meritage Mean?


Meritage isn’t exactly a word that you hear everyday, and some of you might be wondering, “What does Meritage mean anyways?”


Put simply, Meritage represents a fine wine blend from specific “noble” Bordeaux grapes. At Meritage Jewelers we resonate with the artistry and heritage of these fine wines, the only difference being that instead of grapes, we’re a blend of people. And, what brings us together is our passion for our products, our industry, and most importantly, our customers.




Just like the fine winemakers around the world who work tirelessly to perfect their varieties, at Meritage Jewelers we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that our customers experience the best that the jewelry industry has to offer. You’ll see it in our carefully selected jewelry collections. You’ll feel it when you walk into our store, greeted by smiling faces. You’ll know it years down the road when you count on Meritage to celebrate all of life’s finest moments.


Creating a team that can come together, work together, and laugh together is no easy feat, but at Meritage Jewelers we think we’ve found the perfect blend. One that you’ll enjoy just as much as your favorite fine wine.

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